Consulting Services

AVM Dynamics' consulting practice offers extensive expertise in distributed databases, real-time analytics, NoSQL and traditional enterprise data warehousing.
AVM Dynamics has successfully architectured and implemented a number of cutting-edge data warehousing and Big Data solutions for clients in financial, insurance, telecommunications, technology, retail and manufacturing industries.
The key areas of our consulting services are:
- development and implementation of distributed platforms for Web data collection and real-time processing, including collection of data from social media;
- development and implementation of highly scalable and low latency data analytics environments using Scala, Spark, Akka, Hadoop, HBase and other open source products;
- development and implementation of Spark / Scala data pipelines (reading from and writing to local file system, HDFS, Hadoop Hive, HBase), data transformations, machine learning and data mining;
- development and implementation of data transfers between various data sources: Hadoop HDFS, NoSQL databases (HBase, Cassandra), AWS storage, RDBMS;
- installation, configuration and performance tuning of Big Data products and environments, including distributed Hadoop and HBase clusters;
- migration of existing Hadoop MapReduce jobs and projects to Spark, migration of Apache Pig data flows to Spark;
- integration of traditional RDBMS (MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server), OLAP databases (SSAS) with Hadoop HDFS, NoSQL databases (HBase, Cassandra) and Spark.
We provide on-site and remote consulting services for any size engagements.
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